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Will Morgan

Will Matthew Morgan started his career in broadcasting at the age of 17, soaking up everything radio. He was moved around a lot from on air, to promotions, to then finally landing the role of creative director for a group cluster of stations out of Jacksonville.

Budgets were tight leading Will to voice some of the stations himself.
“I had no idea what I was doing, I was just making it up as I went along, forcing me to get out of my comfort zone. I was imaging, Alternative, Top 40, Sports and even Jazz.

I’m a perfectionist so the torture I put myself through as an artist tells me, I can do this even better!

That passion, soon to be recognized by other stations, eventually went viral.
“I had a lot of people call me, but one I’ll never forget, is when I got the call from Kevin

He told me, “Sit back and relax, we’ve got something for you!”
Then I got the call from CBS. I was going to be the creative director for KROQ’s other family member KITS San Francisco.

I have so many voices I do, that I can’t tell sometimes what read to do, so I write the
copy myself and that will give me an indication of where I want to go with the promo.
I believe in storytelling, incorporating that with station promos to create memorable pieces that listeners will remember. I like to keep people guessing. It’s what makes you and your station stand out the most.

Eventually landing the dream job of a lifetime, I got the invite to come work at KROQ.
It’s an experience I will never forget! The amazing talent that I was privileged to work with, was a very humbling experience.

These days I’m pouring myself into work by learning and sharing with other people out
there that have that passion for radio through my website Will’s Audio Lab. A platform for other creative directors to come join together to help brand their station. Creativity and inspiration comes in many forms, but I find it most interesting when collaborating and hearing other people’s work, that brings us all to this special community in Radio.

For the future? The Will Morgan Group will continue to grow with even more compelling radio content, as well as Film production, Actors , and Producers seeking a place of community in the industry, striving to be the best at what we love to do most! ENTERTAIN!

~Will Matthew Morgan