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Gary McClenaghan

Gary McClenaghan is essentially a goofy small kid merged with a grown ass man (sporting a killer Viking beard). With a vocal performance that can either be spontaneous, animated, and humorous; or composed, dramatic, and serious, he brings a multitude of characters to life with an impressive range that can fit any project. Gary understands that just having a great voice isn’t enough to deliver an effective branding message. It takes emotional intelligence and the ability to direct those emotions into creative expression! So, reach out, and have him unleash his playful, lighthearted energy and enthusiasm into your next project!

With a background producing some of the world’s best voices, as well as training with coaches in all areas of voiceover, Gary took inspiration (and notes) on how to run a successful voiceover business to reach the top of his game!

Gary is grateful to have worked with many top-level brands like CBS, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Samsung, Sony, Burger King, Franks Red Hot and more! He can also be heard as the Imaging Voice of many radio stations across the US and Canada!

Gary is a full-time voice actor in commercial, promo, radio imaging, animation, video games, as well as corporate narration.